Ships your international orders directly from the Philippines to our US warehouse, packed and then delivered to your US customers.

We handle the receiving, packing, shipping to your end-customers in the US, customer service and returns

Get access to same-day dispatching services for quick delivery to your customers

Transit time of about 7-12 days via air freight and 2 months via sea freight.

Ideal for e-commerce businesses targeting North America

Ideal for business with general warehousing and fulfillment needs

Enjoy bulk delivery discounts

ShipIt Fulfillment process:


Scroll down below to view the inquiry form for ShipIt Fulfillment.


Complete all fields and click Send An Inquiry.


ShipIt sales team accomodates your request through our inquiry form. You will be informed of all the requirements & documentations that are dependent on the terms to be shipped out.


Once you have prepared the items for shipment, you may send it to our warehouse in Manila. You also have the option to avail our pick up and delivery service from your location to our warehouse.


We will schedule your shipment within a few days.


Your items will now be shipped out while providing you with all the tracking details.


The warehouse personnel receives the shipment and arranges the inventory to a dedicated storage in our US warehouse facility.


Once you have orders from your US clients, you need to notify ShipIt team of the order details and your products will immediately be packed and shipped directly to your end-customers.